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Linguistica Silesiana, vol. 31 Linguistica Silesiana, vol. 31
Linguistica Silesiana, vol. 31
Redakcja: Rafał Molencki
ISBN: ISSN 0208-4228
ISBN e-book: brak
Rok wydania: 2010
Liczba stron: 268
Format: B5
Oprawa: Miękka
Wersje: EBOOK (pdf)
10,00 PLN
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Opis książki:


Linguistica Silesiana is an international journal of linguistic studies. It will carry  articles in English, French, German and occasionally in other languages. We welcome articles on the full range of  linguistic and philological subfields, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, stylistics, metrics, language acquisition, contact, and change.





G. D r o ż d ż: Scope as a cognitive tool in tense analysis

E. B o g d a n o w s k a - J a k u b o w s k a: Party rituals revisited

M.A. S t ę p i e ń: Imágenes mentales y conceptos: su relación

en la fraseología somática hispano-polaca

N. K u d r n á č o v á: On pragmatic and cognitive processes

in meaning variation

M. K u c z o k: Between language and reality: metaphorical and metonymical

conceptualizations of God in the New Testament

P. L i g ę z a: Minimalist accounts of antecedent-contained

deletion constructions

A. K i j a k: Intrusive liquids in English

I. K i d a: The emergence of subordinate clauses in Old English

from paratactically conjoined structures

K. W a r c h a ł: Taking stance across languages: high-value modal verbs

of epistemic necessity and inference in English and Polish linguistics

research articles

J. S t a w n i c k a, A. Ł y d a: Polish achievements with expressions

of duration and their terminal recategorisation

C. J i n g: The analysis of the semantic bias in partially-directed compound

words of Modern Chinese

C. L a c h u r: Временные конструкции с дистрибутивным значением

в польском языке: усилительно-дистрибутивное время

J. T a r s a: „Язык падонков” – интернетовский жаргон русской


P. M a m e t: Changing patterns of Opel branding policy – a linguistic analysis

A. Ł y d a, A. J a c k i e w i c z, K. W a r c h a ł: Agentless structures

in interpreter’s output: Looking into the gender factor

A. W o j t a s z e k: What do we study when we study the use of borrowings

in advertisements?

M. Z a b a w a: The influence of English on the Polish language of Internet

message boards: investigating the role of individual differences and

the context

A. Ś w i ą t e k: Acquisition of English article system by Polish learners

in different proficiency groups

J. L a t k o w s k a: Conceptualization through the lens of language:

Implications for research into Polish-English bilingualism

A. Ś l ę z a k - Ś w i a t, M. S. W y s o c k a: The neural bases

of fossilization

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